Arts & Crafts

Out the blue I suddenly realized that I had an unavoidable compulsive craze for crafts…all sorts of it. Try as I might to steer clear, it just pulls me back into its whirlwind of ideas, methods and colors.

Though, I might be honest that I don’t always succeed in what I set out to do and often end up disappointed, it just doesn’t  let go of me and so as soon as my disappointment has died down, I find myself huddled with a new project…much to the annoyance of those around me.

But only a fellow crafter would know what it is like. The rest of world just doesn’t get it (read aka husbands) …and we ought to stop trying as well, because it is futile…really!!

Anyhow, the one I am really stuck with is crochet and so most of my projects are crochet related. There’s just something spectacularly wonderful about picking up a crochet hook and gliding away into a world of stitches, colors and patterns and the end result is something that you never imagined about (or maybe you did). You end up creating something so wonderful out of your imagination (or that of other’s) and you are so proud of yourself with the end result in hand.

I will be sharing from here on projects of my own or the ones that I have picked from the World Wide Web (you can be amazed by what you find online…so many choices…so little time) my choices, the progress and the completed project.