My Favorite Place to Go…



I Lost My Heart To You…


Its been over a year that i have been here in Kuwait, and like a lot of other goans who are away from home, am missing Goa a lot. All Goans will surely agree that theres no other place like Goa anywhere in the world, after all… Home is where the heart is…

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Esnips……The place to be.


I am a total internet person, i cannot imagine not being logged on or having access to the net. I am lucky that i am in the IT field and so this necessitates that i have access to the internet. Being disconnected from the internet is like being disconnected from the world…

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Video Jug – Life Explained. On Film


I came across this site about a month ago, and boy was i glad i found it. The site is literally what the topic says…Life is explained in the form of videos. The site has various videos ranging from topics relating to Health, Medicine, Jobs, Environment, Food and Drinks, Beauty hints, Education, Family and Parenting, Safety and Survival, Technology and Gadgets… etc.

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A Walk in the Clouds


Call it Romanticism or just a movie buff (of which i am neither actually) but one movie which is very hard to forget is “A Walk in the Clouds”. Produced in the year 1995, by the Zucker brothers, staring Keeanu Reeves and  Aitana Sánchez-Gijón as the main casts.

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My Very First Post


 Hey all, was thinking of owning a blog for a very long time now and I always put it off for later, until now when a friend finally helped me set up one. I intend posting everyday stuff out here, things i come across, things that have been recommended to me by others, funny stuff to bring on smile on a lousy day, useful tips (if i come across any) but mostly indolent wanderings of my mind.

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