Arts & Crafts

Out the blue I suddenly realized that I had an unavoidable compulsive craze for crafts…all sorts of it. Try as I might to steer clear, it just pulls me back into its whirlwind of ideas, methods and colors.

Though, I might be honest that I don’t always succeed in what I set out to do and often end up disappointed, it just doesn’t  let go of me and so as soon as my disappointment has died down, I find myself huddled with a new project…much to the annoyance of those around me.

But only a fellow crafter would know what it is like. The rest of world just doesn’t get it (read aka husbands) …and we ought to stop trying as well, because it is futile…really!!

Anyhow, the one I am really stuck with is crochet and so most of my projects are crochet related. There’s just something spectacularly wonderful about picking up a crochet hook and gliding away into a world of stitches, colors and patterns and the end result is something that you never imagined about (or maybe you did). You end up creating something so wonderful out of your imagination (or that of other’s) and you are so proud of yourself with the end result in hand.

I will be sharing from here on projects of my own or the ones that I have picked from the World Wide Web (you can be amazed by what you find online…so many choices…so little time) my choices, the progress and the completed project.


I’m Back!!!

It’s been too long since my last post, I know!

I kind of got lost in the hum drum of day-today life. Meant this to be a resource of my thoughts, likes and interests, but alas! I just couldn’t keep up with it, and unintentionally just let it relapse into a dream world of its own.

And now after all these years here I am back again, hopefully this time I’ll stay a little longer… share a little more…

So much has happened; life’s been a flowing river, with constant changes… but no time to ponder on the past,  am here to do what I always intended to do… share my love of things that I enjoy the most… hopefully I’ll stay…

I got Tagged!!!


Ok folks i am back!!! Rayboy tagged me today, and i guess i ought to thank him, as it was kind of a wake up call for me after almost a year long duration of hibernation. For those of you who kept on saying “What happened to your blog? Start posting again…” here i am, back in action. (I hope)

First the Rules for the Tag:

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you (Rayboy)
2. Mention these rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

The Quirks Follow:

1. I am a total “Mommy’s Girl” she babies me so much (she does that till date and i absolutely love it) that sometimes unknowingly i speak my tweet baby talk in places i ought not to. So many people out here who can vouch for this…

2. I am a total Introvert, so much so that when i go out with “my” friends, I end up making my Husband do all the talking and entertaining…while i escape into a world of my own.

3. I am a R & D Fanatic, I cannot do without a pc/laptop and a good connection to the internet. Its my favorite passtime to go looking for stuff and i dont stop till i find what i am looking for, and end up finding loads of other stuff along the way.

4. Though sometimes i do think of myself as a Multi-tasker, the fact is that i am not. I cannot do two things at one time, i need to concentrate totally on what i am doing at that particular time and then move on to the next, and if you have been talking to me while i was working, you can be sure that i didnt hear a word of what you said.

5. I am night person, i could remain awake all night and sleep all day, sadly the world doesnt work that way, unless i had a job in the United States of America or perhaps Canada, but was working from Kuwait…wouldnt that be awesome????

6. I hate change…ever changing things like rivers, chameleons, attitudes etc. dont get my vote. I like things to be normal…though it almost always never like that.

Its Tag Time !!!

BarryUno, JasonMonserrate, TaniaDias, MusicalButtercup

My Favorite Place to Go…


I Lost My Heart To You…


Its been over a year that i have been here in Kuwait, and like a lot of other goans who are away from home, am missing Goa a lot. All Goans will surely agree that theres no other place like Goa anywhere in the world, after all… Home is where the heart is…

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Esnips……The place to be.


I am a total internet person, i cannot imagine not being logged on or having access to the net. I am lucky that i am in the IT field and so this necessitates that i have access to the internet. Being disconnected from the internet is like being disconnected from the world…

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Video Jug – Life Explained. On Film


I came across this site about a month ago, and boy was i glad i found it. The site is literally what the topic says…Life is explained in the form of videos. The site has various videos ranging from topics relating to Health, Medicine, Jobs, Environment, Food and Drinks, Beauty hints, Education, Family and Parenting, Safety and Survival, Technology and Gadgets… etc.

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A Walk in the Clouds


Call it Romanticism or just a movie buff (of which i am neither actually) but one movie which is very hard to forget is “A Walk in the Clouds”. Produced in the year 1995, by the Zucker brothers, staring Keeanu Reeves and  Aitana Sánchez-Gijón as the main casts.

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My Very First Post


 Hey all, was thinking of owning a blog for a very long time now and I always put it off for later, until now when a friend finally helped me set up one. I intend posting everyday stuff out here, things i come across, things that have been recommended to me by others, funny stuff to bring on smile on a lousy day, useful tips (if i come across any) but mostly indolent wanderings of my mind.

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